Principal’s Message

03. Neelam Gulati

A nation with an educated youth has the potential to grow into an economic powerhouse and foster the true meaning of equality and socialism.  Today, the country’s education sector is buzzing with new ideas, concepts and thoughts especially management and IT education, which has undergone a significant change.

At DAVIM, it has been our endeavor to fortify the academic standards. The Institute has vigorously been reaffirming its scholarly, academic & value based traditions and inspiring students to look forward for appropriate opportunities to develop new strengths. The emphasis is laid on grooming the students to develop with a global outlook and to be equip them with confidence, intelligence and  ethical values to face the challenges of the world. The vision of the institute is to produce well informed and socially responsible citizens who are able to make a mark in the business world.

DAVIM stands tall and proud at having produced creative, knowledgeable and capable people who have proven themselves the world over and have established DAVIM’s reputation as a school of excellence and holistic learning. As we look back in retrospection and gaze ahead in anticipation, it fills our hearts with ineffable pride and promise of a bright future.

As a prospective learner, you are invited to explore the programmes that are being offered at the institution, being assured that by joining DAV Institute of Management, you will become part of a dynamic and innovative academic environment. The institution is engaged in continuously improving its learning facilities and it aims to generate a culture of participative, intimate and personalized student-teacher relationship and a healthy learning environment.

And, as a stakeholder, and part of the corporate fraternity, you are welcome to interact with us and we will be happy to explore initiatives of mutual interest and establish relationships.

We look forward to meet you.

Dr. Neelam Gulati

Head of the Institute