The DAV Institute of Management is an institution that values its people that constituting its core teaching faculty in all the disciplines of management and information technology and its administration staff.

The institute has a widely experienced and diverse faculty body drawn from academia, research and industry. The institute provides top class infrastructure support to the faculty in terms of computing, library, research and training facilities. The faculty also keenly studies and disseminates emerging trends in management and information technology through associating with the industry and other business schools.

The focus of the faculty is facilitating the student’s learning process. A typical course structure includes project work, activity based learning and written examination. Most of the curriculum subjects follow either the case method of pedagogy for management and technical project work for IT. The role of the teacher is largely to give key inputs and to stimulate the thought process of the students with the basic learning coming from active and constructive class debates and discussion by the students.

The other key feature practiced by the faculty is of Mentor – Mentee concept. Each faculty member is appointed as mentor to a student or a team throughout their stay during the course, which plays the role of a guide, an elder associate and a guardian to provide students with a personal touch.

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