Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at DAVIM was established in the year 1999. It is aligned and integrated with the mission of the Institute across the boundaries to optimize potential by imbibing the best in Business computing.

“Quality content and process of IT education is determined through constant innovation and adaptation of the curriculum and the pedagogy to rapidly changing technological environment across the globe”.

The Department has dedicated labs equipped with latest software and tools in addition to requirement prescribed by the university syllabi. The Institute has large lush green campus enabled with wi-fi. The library is very well equipped with reference books, scholarly journals, e-journals, IT magazines etc.

The Department focuses on project based training more than just the prescribed course curriculum. The commitment is thought practical learning with a deep understanding of concept and logic building exercises. The approach to pedagogy combines analytical training, live and open source projects etc.

The Department offers variety of courses at Under- graduate level to make candidate aware about the industry and build the foundation of technical skills and at postgraduate level to polish and nurture the required skills to be a successful entrepreneur.

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