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Vice President’s Message

Prabodh MahajanI congratulate DAV Institute of Management and its leadership for coming up with the new web portal of the institute.

I am happy to note that the institution have made best use of educational technology in the curricular and pedagogical practices and updated the institute to compete with the latest educational thinking of the 21st Century.

I am sure, it will help prospective students to develop very wide mental horizon to play their part very successfully both in the national and global world. The need of the hour is that education technology should be employed to make teaching learning process very effective.

Education is a process of inculcating human values in the young generation. Through the portal you get anopportunity to share your view with others and develop the creative zeal of young scholars for the spread of message of love and fraternity in the community.

We in DAV are committed to spread the Vedic teachings and I hope that the current and prospective students of the institute will be having the fragrance of Havan and beauty of Vedic Mantras in their lives.


With regards,

Prabodh Mahajan

Vice President

D.A.V. College Managing Committee, New Delhi


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