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Truly said by Joseph Pilates “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”.

In order to keep mind and body aligned, it is necessary to practice meditation techniques along with Physical exercises."

At DAVIM, various fitness activities are arranged. These activities are both for students as well as faculties. These activities, at times, are part of the time table and at times are in the form of complete week program. All these programs are arranged with the objective of keeping mind and body healthy so that student understands his/her responsibilities, actively participates and becomes aware of his inner strengths.

For keeping fit, following have been arranged from time to time :

  • 1. Art of Living Programs – Sponsored Happiness program has been organized by DAVIM for the staff members. The ten days program was an FDP initiative. 22 members of the staff were given the opportunity to undergo the practice of “Sudarshan Kriya”. It was an immensely powerful form of yoga for inner self. This practice accompanied by a diet chart wherein Morning breakfast and lunch was served from the Institution.

  • Looking at the highly positive feedback, Similar such one day sessions were also organized in the premises thereafter.

  • 2. Swimming – As part of the time table, one hour of swimming classes were arranged for the students of postgraduate courses in separate slots of girls and boys. Swimming pool of “Nahar Singh Stadium” was booked for the purpose and institution’s bus was time scheduled for pick and drop.

  • 3. Sessions of brahma kumaris – Short Sessions of one to two hours are oraginsed for staff by brahma kumaris. These are very enlightening sessions which help in alignment of mind, body and soul.

  • 4. Session on Pranic Healing – The Pranic Healing System offiers a range of meditations to activate mind power, relieve stress and understand self. To someone who wants to take their meditation practice to a deeper and higher level through the Arhatic Yoga Sytem created by Master Choa Kok Sui various available courses were explained. Like, from the short (20 minutes) but powerful foundational Meditation on Twin Hearts, to monthly Full Moon Meditations and the more powerful Arhatic Yoga meditations variety of exercises to keep calm and grounded, while increasing your connection to your higher self were explained.

  • 5. Aerobics – Aerobic sessions were given before lunch time to students of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. There have been regular practice of Aerobic sessions for body fitness.

  • 6. Yoga - Yoga practice massages internal organs, thus improving the ability of the body to prevent disease. Today the benefits of YOGA are well known and thus people of all ages readily want to get trained in this practice.