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DAVIM Centre for Environment

Our planet is our home. Practicing an eco-friendly life style and promoting green business is the only way to build a greener environment.

DAVIM Centre for Environment was set up in the year 2008. The centre is small step towards addressing the environmental crisis confronting the humanity and various other species on the planet.

Environmental issues are a key theme to all aspect of work throughout this centre. All faculties and students are encouraged to have deep regard for the environment they are in and what the possible implications of their actions may have on it.

DAVIM Centre for Environment accepts its obligation to comply with all relevant legislation and minimize its impact upon the environment. In recognition of this the centre has begun to implement an environmental system which focuses on:
  • Education about environmental issues
  • Minimizing waste
  • Monitoring of Energy Consumption
  • Steadfast commitment to preventing pollution
  • Continuous Afforestation Activities

  • Some of the routine activities of the centre are-Sensitization Seminars, Tree Plantation Drive, Sapling Distribution, Commemoration of Earth Day, Ozone day, Eco- Friendly drive, Nukkad Natak to create awareness for environment protection etc.

    The centre has recently released its first issue of environment sensitization magazine “PRITHVI”. The magazine includes the articles of students and faculty on various environmental issues.

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Centre

    DAV Institute of Management has been playing a pioneering role in the field of education by transformative learning for sustainable future.

    One can get happiness by spreading it. And following the legacy of Anglo Dayanand Vedic Culture the CSR centre is another initiative by DAVIM Centre for Environment towards the welfare of society. The projects undertaken by DAVIM CSR centre includes creating awareness about diseases like Thalassemia, Polio by holding free health check-up camps and blood donation camps, awareness rallies. By way of “Nukkad Natak” the centre create awareness about a Pollution-free Diwali; Ban on plastic bags and other issues all around Faridabad. Various seminars are organized for Road Safety to help Faridabad Police in creating awareness for traffic rules etc. The Institute students and faculty members are enthusiastically involved in all the activities done for welfare of different NGO’s of Faridabad all round the year on different occasions. Various fund raising events are organized by the CSR centre for the children’s of various NGOs.

    These CSR social activities are organized to make the students understand the need to give back to the society what they take from it, compassion, care and zest to indulge in life saving activities. It is essential for the youth to be involved in any kind of activity which may benefit the society.

    Rotaract Club of DAVIM

    DAVIM Rotaract Club has been established under the aegis of DAVIM centre for Environment in association with Rotary Club of Faridabad. The Club consists of team of student volunteers who work for the society to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto of Faridabad Rotary Club "Service Above Self".

    The students of the club participate enthusiastically in all the activities the year around that involves any kind of social concern. There are around 75+ student members who have successfully registered themselves in the club.

    Rotary can transform college students into globetrotting future leaders, because it’s all about paving the way for the next generation of civic leaders.

  • World Ozone Day Commemorated by Tree Plantation Drive
  • “Someone’s sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago” - Warren Buffet

    Trees have long been a subject of discussion-and it’s no wonder, they represent life, growth, peace, and nature. To contribute to our nature on the occasion of World Ozone day, DAV Institute of Management, NIT-3, Faridabad, organised Tree Plantation Drive on 16thSeptember 2020. The drive was conducted in two phases following all the norms and guidelines of corona period. In the first phase, the volunteers of Rotaract club of DAVIM and NSS unit and the faculty members of DAVIM in association with Deeksha Smile Foundation planted 40 saplings on Kashif Ali Road side near masjid. In the Second phase, around 150 saplings were distributed to all the staff members in the Institute’s premises. Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Principal Director, DAV Institute of Management appreciated the efforts of the teams of DAVIM Centre for Environment and NSS for taking such a good initiative of planting trees even during the tough situations of COVID-19. He further motivated the staff and students to keep on organising such events in future also, so as to save our mother Earth. Dr Sanjeev Sharma and the whole fraternity of DAVIM, acknowledged the contribution of Deeksha Smile Foundation for standing with us in this noble cause.

  • Rotaract Club and NSS unit of DAV Institute of Management in association with “Foundation Against Thalassemia” and Rotary Club of Faridabad Central organized a Blood Donation Camp on 26th August 2020. Principal Director, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma inaugurated the camp along with the organising team. Even in this situation of COVID-19, there was an overwhelming response from the Institute’s staff members and students and total 24 blood units were collected. Some of the donors who could not donate this time were assured for donation in the next camp. A Certificate of appreciation, donation card, and refreshment was given to each donor as a token of gratitude Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, appreciated the efforts made by the members of Rotaract Club and NSS unit for coming up with this event for serving the noble cause.

  • Independence Day is a reminder of the sacrifices of our valiant freedom fighters who stood up against the colonisers and even suffered harsh consequences unflinchingly, so that the later generations could breathe in free air. Since its independence, India has made stellar progress in every field, including education, military and space programmes. Owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, DAV Institute of Management (DAVIM) commemorated India’s independence from British rule by celebrating its 74th Independence Day on August 15, 2020 via online mode. This auspicious day celebration commenced with the Ganesh Vandana followed by our National Anthem and DAV Anthem. The president of Rotaract club of DAVIM Ms. Sarisha Bhuttan welcomed the Chief Guest for the Day Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Principal Director, DAVIM , Guest of honor Rtr. Ajay Chawla, Rtr. Harinder Singh, the speakers of the day A. C. Balak Ram Rehalia and Col. Mahesh Khera , Dr. Ritu Gandhi Arora (Vice Principal & Registrar, DAVIM), Dr. Neelam Gulati ( Dean Academics and Head Centre for Environment) and all the esteemed participants. Dr. Sanjeev Sharma with his motivational words congratulated all on the occasion of Independence Day. He said that it is our duty to live this independence with full gratitude towards our country and work hard to overcome the difficult situations being faced by our country. Rtr. Harinder Singh well appreciated the efforts of DAVIM Rotaract Club for putting up this type of show in these tough times. A C Balak Ram Rehalia shared his experience of 39 years in Indian army. He said that nothing is tough, it is the belief of one which make it tough. Col. Mahesh Khera explained his journey from school life to joining Indian Military Academy, Dehradun and further various challenging postings of his life in military. Dr. Ritu Gandhi Arora emphasized that the youth of the nation must pledge to serve the country with all best possible means. In the concluding remarks Dr. Neelam Gulati reiterated the Independence day speech of Sh. Narendra Modi and discussed the goals laid down by him and said that all citizens should work for the achievement of the goals of our nation in these difficult times posed by the pandemic. She said that we must salute the warriors and countrymen who brought us independence and those who still strive to maintain our independence and guard our borders. Ms. Muskan in her formal vote of thanks expressed her deep sense of gratitude towards eminent guests of the day, Rotaract Club of Nigeria, Rotaract Club of Faridabad and Delhi for gracing the occasion.

  • A Blood donation camp was organised in Tigaon, Faridabad on 9th July, 19. Blood being a very important source of donation was collected and people’s participation led us to collect 18 units of blood. The effort was to aware people and to collect more of blood units so that can be contributed to rotary blood bank which may help the people in need.

  • Rotaract club of DAVIM conducted a successful orientation in their own institute in order to make students aware about the significance of being a Rotarian. The words and lessons heard from honorable chief guest, Principal, and teachers made a positive impact on everybody.The achievements of Rotaract club of DAVIM made in the last year shows the dedication and responsibility of every member towards the society.

  • On 3rd august the students of DAVIM Rotaract club planted 400+ trees over Faridabad Gurugram Road in collaboration with SAVE ARAVALI NGO and RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. The effort was to aware school students about how trees are important and valuable to us.

  • To mark the occasion of Raksha Bandhan on 9th August 2019, the students of DAVIM Rotaract Club went to India Gate to celebrate the purest festival with our soldiers who works tremendously hard for our country’s security. It was a great feeling when the team met our soldiers and tied hand made rakhi on their hand. The students felt really blessed to be part of this activity as these are really rakshak of our country and tying Rakhi on their hand truly marks the auspiciousness of the festival.

  • Every year DAVIM Rotaract club witness the pinning ceremony of its newly elected team. In the presence of the eminent guests the installation of the Rotaract Club was executed this year. Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Principal Director, CA Tajendar Bhardwaj, Rtr. Harinder Singh congratulated the newly elected members- President Lakshay Vasudev, Vice President Rhea, Secretary Vipin , Joint Secretary Aashika and Treasurer, Sarisha Bhuttan .It was beginning of a new journey with newly elected team.The team was all set for the coming events with great ideas and ready to do excellent work and serve the society well.

  • Envision 3.0-
  • DAVIM Rotaract Club Members participated in a training session organized by the district 3011 had for all the board members of various clubs of district 3011 in Adarsh Public School, Vikas Puri on 14th September,19 . The training session was an effort to impart knowledge to the members about their roles and responsibilities in the club as directors which will be beneficial for the club in future.

  • Pragyata - Scaling New Heights
  • On the occasion of 2years of completion of 19th September,2019 the Charter Day of Rotaract Club the students celebrated this day in Old Age Home with the aged people to spread happiness and love . The students felt blessed and emotional too after the visit to the old age home . their stories inspired the students to respect their grandparents and parents as they are the lifeblood of a family. They were so touched that having blessed families they have to spent their golden period staying away from their families.

  • Organ Donation Awareness Campaign
  • On 27th September,2019 Rotaract club of DAVIM organized a session on Organ Donation for faculty members of DAV Institute of Management . The session was taken by Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti - NGO Working in Delhi NCR . In this event the faculty members were talked about why donation of organs is necessary and in what ways they can donate the organs. The team said that a single donor saves 8 life’s. the event was attended by More than 30 faculty members.

  • Cloth collection drive- Gift of warmth
  • On 7 and 8 November 2019 our club conducted a cloth collection drive in our institute in order to provide clothes to the people who need them and to make their winters warm. The team collected around 1500 items which included stationary, clothes and shoes. These clothes were distributed among the people living in the slum areas of sector 21 Faridabad and to the kids of Roshini NGO.

  • Mission Death Penalty- A Peaceful Protest
  • On 8 December 2019 a silent peaceful protest was organized to raise a voice and demand justice for the innocent rape victim. This event was collaborated with the Youth Against Rape A Ngo running in all over India. Our volunteers participated in large numbers and it was a successful event.

  • Blood Donation Camp
  • On 8th December 2019 Rotaract Club Of DAVIM organised a blood donation camp in Lajpat Nagar-2 with the Resident Welfare Association of L-block and total 23 units were collected to raise the awareness among the individual that can save lives and improve the health of others by donating blood.

  • Blood Donors Day-“Drop of Hope”
  • To commemorate the World Donors Day, Rotaract Club of DAVIM organized Blood Donation awareness campaign “Drop of Hope” on 12th June 2020.The participants were asked to submit the short video spreading awareness for donating blood and thanking blood Donars in the tough time. Dr. Sanjeev Sharma Principal Director, DAVIM was overwhelmed by the efforts made by students in recognising the initiatives of people who come forward and donate blood to save life of others.

  • Shutter Button- A click during lockdown
  • During the lockdown when everything came to stand still, the students of DAVIM Rotaract club came with a unique idea of photography competition “Shutter Button- A click during lockdown” from 22nd April to 26th April 2020. The participants had to capture any of the memorial picture of nature or its surroundings during this lockdown period imbibing all its creativity into it and that too without compromising the guidelines issued by government. The event was a refreshing one for all the participants and it was a great success .

  • Awareness on Bipolar Disorder
  • Towards the betterment of mental health and creating awareness on World Health Day, student members of DAVIM Rotaract club organized an online awareness drive about Bipolar Disorder from 7th to 9th April 2020. The event was done via social media platform wherein the team members initiated with full zeal and made all efforts to sensitize people about the Disorder. The event received huge response from the social platform.

  • Soap Distribution Drive
  • To spread the awareness about sanitation and personal hygiene the students of DAVIM Rotaract club organized Soap Distribution drive on 13th February 2020 in the slum areas of Sector -21,Faridabad. The students distributed around 500 soaps among the people of slum areas and also created awareness to maintain hygiene in and around its environment.

  • Mask Distribution Drive
  • Towards the betterment of health and creating awareness DAVIM Rotaract Club organized a Mask distribution drive to create awareness so as to prevent coronavirus on 16th March 2020 at Tau Devi Lal Old Age Home, NIT, Faridabad. The student members of the club visited the Old age home and alert the people about the seriousness of coronavirus and how one can be safe by following the guidelines issued by the government. Dr. Sanjeev Sharma appreciated the efforts of the team and applauded them for being a conscious citizen.

  • Peaceful Protest Rally
  • The students of DAVIM Rotaract Club in association with Youth Against Rape Foundation participated in the peaceful protest Rally for “ Hanging of Rapist” from BK chowk to Sector 12 on February 3rd 2020. The rally was an effort to support justice for Nirbhaya and sensitize people that together we can join hands and make India rape free nation.

    DAVIM is a self financed institute and it tries to give its best to society within its limited means. The Vision of the Institute focuses on comprehensive and sustained growth of the students and that of the Institute along with its student community and faculty. The mission statement “To empower the young minds to optimize their potential effortlessly by imbibing the best of values and beliefs of east and west rooted in the philosophy of Dayanand Anglo-Vedic culture” is the guiding force that the institute creates an ambience and environment that provides a suitable ground for nurturing and optimizing the potential of the students through various student centric activities.

  • Installation Ceremony Of DAVIM Rotaract Club – 8th September 2018.
  • Blood Donation Camp On 11th September 2018.
  • Tree Plantation Drive during the Induction week July – August 2018.
  • Rotary District Training Session on 15th Sept. 2018 in DTU, Delhi.
  • Tree Plantation Drive on 19th Sept. 2018 in Govt. School.
  • DAVIM Retractors participated in CAR Rally to promote immunization on 14th October 2018.
  • Nukkad Natak in “ Car Rally” to create awareness for tuberculosis.
  • Visit toKhushi NGO.
  • Distribution of Goodies toRoshni NGO.
  • Civic Awareness Campaign October 2018.
  • Diwali Mela November 2018.
  • Visit to Dabua Mandi to create awareness about cleanliness.
  • DAVIM Retractors participated inRYLA.
  • Social Media Campaign by DAVIM Rotaract Club on “Water and Sanitation”.
  • Winter Cloth Donation Drive In December 2018.
  • Visit to Earth Saviours Foundation on 28th December 2018.
  • Winter Cloth Donation Drive in February 2019.
  • Computer se Karo Computer se Badhoon 12th February 2019.

  • Inauguration of Environment Sensitization Magazine – ‘Prithvi’ at DAVIM
  • Inauguration of Environment Sensitization Magazine – ‘Prithvi’ at DAVIM
  • DAVIM Centre for Environment inaugurated ‘PRITHVI’- an illustrious magazine on ‘burning environment issues’ on 7th April 2018. Prithvi was inaugurated by the Honorable Chief Guest, Dr. Priya Ranjan Triwedi, President Confederation of Indian Universities, in the august presence of Dr. Neelam Gulati, the Head of DAVIM and the Chief Patron of DAVIM Centre for Environment, Shri J.P.Malhotra, President DLF & Haryana Productivity Council, Dr. Nasib Singh Gill, Professor at M.D.U Rohtak, and Dr. Vikram Goel, Professor at IIIT, Delhi, Dr. Ritu Arora , Director of FDP Cell & Publications of DAVIM, Dr. Ashima Tandon , Associate Director of FDP Cell & Publications and DAVIM Centre for Environment Team , Dr.Nidhi Turan, Ms. Vandana Jain, Ms. Neha Sharma, Ms.Geetika Khurana and Ms. Archana Mittal. Prithvi is an intriguing amalgamation of myriad research papers, articles and posters stating and depicting that life on earth is in danger. In his speech, Dr. Triwedi encouraged the youth to come forward for making various developments in their country and also the institutes to “catch them young” and channelize their energy in the positive direction. The Impressive Times of Faridabad were the media partner. The Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati, thanked the esteemed guests in her speech and motivated the audience to adhere to the learning of the day to be successful in whichever field of life they would venture into. She urged them all to be crusaders with DAVIM to make the environment better and safer for all.

  • Women is the epitome of sacrifice and to mark the importance of women’s day, on 8th March 2018, a ‘Walk for the cause’ – was organized by Foundation Against Thalassemia in collaboration with DAVIM. The event organizers from DAVIM were Ms. Reema Nangia and Ms. Vandana Jain. A blood donation camp along with Thalassemic test was also organized to make the people sensitive towards the needs of the Thalassemic patients. The people from all walks of life had come to be the part of the Ramp Walk. Ms. Rashmi Sachdeva, the brand ambassador of Foundation Against thalassaemia , also, the Mrs. India , Mrs. Eurasia and Mrs. Universe was one of the Jury members. The faculty of DAVIM also showed their style on stage by walking for the case. Many role models who are associated with the Foundation Against Thalassaemia also walked the ramp along with the Thalassemic children. The students of DAVIM participated in the contest and amongst 105 participants, Akriti from M.B.A was Miss DAVIM and Karandeep from B.C.A was Mr. DAVIM. The Miss DAVIM first and Second runner ups were, Mehak , Anukriti and Khushi from B.B.E. Mr. DAVIM First and Second runner ups were, Pratham Tewatia and Yash from B.B.A(II). The Head of the Institute Dr. Neelam Guati congratulated the winners and appreciated their confidence. She said that it is essential for the youth to be involved in any kind of activity which may benefit the society. The founder of the Foundation Against Thalassemia , Mr. Dudeja thanked the institute for its initiative. The Chief Patron of the foundation, Mr. Madan Chawla too applauded the team work of the faculty of DAVIM.

  • Rotaract Club Installation at DAVIM By Rotary Club Faridabad
  • Rotary Club of Faridabad organized the installation of Rotaract Club of DAVIM, Faridabad at DAVIM Institute on 2nd September 2017 in the august presence of the President of Rotary Club, Faridabad CA Tajender Bhardwaj, The Head of DAVIM , Dr. Neelam Gulati and other dignitaries from Rotary Club and the faculty of DAVIM. Ms. Jahanvi Wassan , was elected the President of Rotaract Club DAVIM, with Mr. Gaurav Chawdhary as Vice president, Mr. Manik Aggarwal as Secretary, Mr. Anmol was elected as the Joint Secretary and Mr. Mayank Sethi as the Treasurer. The newly elected Board Members promised their selectors and the Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati, that they would place “Service before self” and would work as a team in combating all challenges henceforth. The board members felt that being a vital part of such an esteemed organization would imbibe in them ample knowledge, confidence and social skills to be a great help for the needy and the society. The program culminated with an inspiring session of CA Tajender Bhardwaj on Motivation and Leadership.

  • Rally for Rivers Campaign At DAVIM
  • Centre for Environment Club of DAVIM organized Rally for rivers campaign in association with Isha foundation as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility. Ms. Nidhi Goyal and Ms. Sangeeta, from Rally for Rivers, were the representatives of the campaign. They motivated the students and the faculty members to support the campaign by giving a missed call to 800090009. The Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati, who is also the Chief Patron of the Centre for Environment Club appreciated the efforts being done by Isha foundation in trying to accomplish such a herculean task where they need support of the people of the country in saving the rivers. She also applauded the efforts of Dr. Nidhi Turan and CFA Vandana Jain for organizing the session which was an eye opener for many as its only Global Warming that attracts the attention of the students each time.

  • Birthday Celebrations at Roshni-An NGO
  • The Centre for Environment and Rotaract club of DAVIM organized a birthday celebration of the daughter of CFA Vandana Jain and the son of Ms.Geetika Khurana at Roshni- an NGO founded by Dr. Savita Bhagat. and distributed food, sweets, stationery items, Drawing files and colours to the students. They were accompanied by Dr. Nidhi Turan. Dr. Neelam Gulati and her staff have always been eager to contribute to their best for the benefit of the under privileged children who always feel delighted amongst them all on such occasions.

  • Polio Ravivar by DAVIM Rotaract Club
  • The Polio Campaign is a flagship program of Government of India and Rotarians remain a good ambassador of this program. Hence, DAVIM’s Centre for Environment along with its Rotaract Club in association with Rotary Club of Faridabad organized a Polio Ravivar, where in the Rotaract club members and volunteer students were allocated 10 Metro stations, Bus stands and Railway to spread the polio campaign on 17th September’17. This CSR social activit, was organized to make the students understand the need to give back to the society what they take from it, compassion, care and zest to indulge in life saving activities. The Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati, appreciated the efforts of Dr. Nidhi Turan and CFA Vandana Jain, head of Rotaract Club and Centre for Environment Club of DAVIM and their Rotaract members and thanked the Rotary club to include DAVIM in such a noble task.

  • Blood Donation Camp at DAVIM in Association with Rotary Club
  • ‘Service Before Self’ is the motto of Rotary Club and DAVIM, also believes in ‘Nishkama Seva’. Hence, they both collaborated for a social cause and organized a Blood Donation Camp under the Rotaract Club installed by Rotary club in DAVIM. The President of Rotary club, CA Tajender Bhardwaj, Mr.Sanjay Dua, Secretary, Mr. Harinder Singh, Treasurer and Mr. Rajesh Mehndiratta Chairman of Community Services Faridabad organized this camp in association with DAVIM, where, the members of the Rotaract Club of DAVIM along with a few volunteers had come forward to do their bit at this event which was for the social cause. Almost 108 units were collected. The Head of the Rotaract club, faculties of DAVIM, CFA. Vandana Jain and Dr. NidhiTuran, arranged the event and made it a success. The Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati, appreciated the efforts made by the Rotaract club and was proud of its members, as within a few days, of its installation, they had organized this event which would prove to be life saving for many. Dr.Neelam Gulati shared her views that, blessed are those who can save others’ life with what they have.

  • Children’s Day Celebrations at Roshni- An NGO
  • The students and the faculty members of B.B.A. (Dep.) of DAVIM celebrated children’s day with the students of Roshni- NGO on 14th Nov, 2017. It was a self motivated programme as part of CSR. The faculty and the students served nutritious food and stationery items, like, charts, globes, dictionaries, story books etc. They felt that by doing something for the under privileged children , they are in fact doing something for themselves, as it gives them a purpose and meaning in life, that they are helping the children of God. The Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati applauded their efforts and encouraged them to come up with such more activities in future, as she too believes, “Service to Mankind is Service to God.”

  • End Polio Now Rally By DAVIM and Rotary Club Faridabad
  • DAVIM’S Rotarct Club under Centre for Environment in association with Rotary Club Faridabad organized ‘End Polio Now’ rally for the social cause for the general public on 27th January 2018. It was an initiative to eradicate Polio and various International Guests from Korea also participated to promote this social cause.

  • Launch of Eco Friendly Drive at DAVIM
  • The Centre for Environment at DAVIM organized an Eco Friendly Drive under its CSR initiatives which included competitions like Business Plan, Slogan Writing Article Writing and Poster Making on 20th February 2018 in the institute’s premises. Mr. Shailender Chaurasia , MD, RU4S KPO Services P.Ltd. Mr Sameer Manager, NSIC, Mr. Vir Bharat HR manager, Yamaha Motors, Mr. Manoj Vajpai EHS, Yamaha Motors were the honorable guests and judges of the Business Plan competition. The Head of the Institute Dr. Neelam Gulati, postulated on the urgent need of organizing more of such drives to make the general public aware of the alarming situation which is putting our environment and us ,too, in a hazardous situation. The winners of the Business Plan competition were Manik Aggarwal and Mayank Sethi (BBA 2nd yr), followed by Neha and Anjali (BBA (CAM) 1st Yr) and the 3rd prize witnessed a tie between Mukund (MBA 1st Yr.) and Nakul (B.Sc.(Hons). In Article Writing Competition the 1st Prize was bagged by Amrit Pal Kaur (BBA 1st Yr), 2nd Prize- Sruthi S. Nair B.sc.(Hons) and the 3rd Prize was a tie between Deepa Chaurasia (B.Sc. 1st Yr) and Mayank Sethi (BBA 2nd Yr). The winners of Slogan Writing Competition were, Jahnvi Tyagi (BBA-BE 1st Yr) stood first, 2nd Prize was bagged by Ashika Garg (BBA 1st Yr.) and 3rd Prize went to Harsh Gandhi (BBA-BE 1st Yr). In Poster Making Competition, the 1st position was bagged by Sahil Sagu (BBA 1st Yr.), 2nd by Kumari Richa (MCA 1st yr.) and the 3rd by Channeet Singh (BBA-BE 2nd Yr). the organizers , Dr. Nidhi Turan, Ms. Vandana Jain, Ms. Archana Mittal, Ms. Neha Sharma and Ms. Geetika Khurana along with the volunteers of Centre for Environment Club promised to organize more of such events time and again to motivate the public towards doing their bit towards the environment.

  • Proud Moment of Reinstallation of Rotaract Club at DAVIM
  • DAVIM Centre for Environment in association with Rotary club Faridabad organized a Student Development Program, ‘Leadership Program’ on 24th January 2018. The Chief Guest, Rtn. Ravi Chaudhary, District Governor, was the chief speaker. In the Program a formal certificate, was presented , certifying that DAVIM ROTARACT CLUB has been handed over to Dr. Neelam Gulati ,the Head of the Institute by the President CA Tajender Bhardwaj and Chief Guest, Rtn Ravi Chaudhary. In the presence of the eminent guests the reinstallation of the Rotaract Club was also executed. The Head of the Institute , Dr. Neelam Gulati congratulated the newly elected members President Gaurav Chaudhary, Vice President Twinkle, Secretary Jhannvi , Joint Secretary Manik Aggarwal and treasurer, Mayank Sethi.

  • Holi Celebrations by DAVIM At Roshni- An NGO
  • Following the tradition of doing good for others, DAVIM faculty celebrated the festival of colours with the children of an orphanage Roshni –an NGO, run by Dr. Savita Bhagat. To make the children enjoy the real essence of this festival, the faculty of DAVIM, spent some time and distributed eatables like ghujhiya and samosas and colours and balloons and gave them a wonderful time full of new hopes and happiness. After a day full of excitement, the children thanked the faculty members and wished all them happy holi. The Head of the Institute appreciated the efforts and considerate behaviour of the faculty and hoped that in future also they would keep the legacy of DAVIM alive with such noble deeds.

  • Distribution of Goodies on Occasion of Ashtami
  • The Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati, along with faculty members distributed sweets amongst the children of Roshni –NGO on 24th March 2018 on account of Ashtami. The smile and gratitude on the faces of the children made the day of Ashatmi Poojan worthy for all the faculty members. Dr. Neelam Gulati blessed the students for a happy, prosperous and a secure life ahead. She also mentioned that everyone from the society should come forward and can contribute in making the lives simpler and happier for these children.

  • Women’s Day Celebrations at DAVIM
  • A ‘Talk on Women Empowerment’ was organized at DAVIM on 8th March 2018. Mr. Rajesh Chechi the ACP Crime was the Chief Guest. He also inaugurated the Blood Donation Camp organized by DAVIM in association with Rotary club Faridabad and Thalaessemia foundation. 80-85 units of blood were collected. Thalaessemia Test Centre was also displayed in which the students could get the tests done. The event included the speech by the girls of Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses. Their speeches were on myriad topics, like Sexual Harrassment, Empowered Women , Sheros- the real heros, Body Image and Education of the girl child. Through their speech the girls tried to motivate the audience to come forward to do their bit in making the ‘spaces save for women.’ Mr. Rajesh Chechi talked at length about the initiatives taken to work towards the safety of women and also motivated the audience to give importance to the sacrifices done by women at home also. Dr. Neelam Gulati, the Head of the Institute, encouraged the girls to stand up for their right and never think that they were in any way less than boys. The day ended on a promising note of making India safer and livable for Women.

  • Tree Plantation Drive at DAVIM, Faridabad
  • “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” Ralph Waldo Emerson
    The Centre for Environment Club of DAV Institute of Management took a noble step in association with Forest Department and MCF, in planting more than 700 saplings at various places in Faridabad, on 6th August 2016. This task was initiated, with great fervour, under the aegis of the Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati. The saplings included medicinal as well as garden flowers. She also encouraged the students to plant more trees and take care of their plantations thereafter. She said that every day should be treated as Van Mahotsav and plants should be grown to keep the environment green, clean, safe and healthy. The institute has a plan to beautify the city through tree plantation and spread the message of “Each one, Plant one”. She stressed that college students must be connected with sapling plantation and awareness programmes which are the key factors to encourage citizens to protect the environment by planting trees

  • Blood Donation Camp
    Following the theme of 'Give the gift of life: donate blood', a blood donation camp was organized by DAV Institute Of Management Faridabad in its institute on Tuesday, 6th September, 2016. The blood donation drive was organized by Ms. Vandana Jain in collaboration with the Rotary Club, Faridabad. The Head Of the Institute Dr. Neelam Gulati initiated this noble task by donating the blood and encouraged her colleagues and staff to donate, the precious gift of God for the needy. The donated blood will aid transfusions to children affected by Thalassemia. More than 125 volunteers from among the students, faculty and staff members participated voluntarily in the camp. The focus of the day was on valuing the blood donation to the needy which not only saves life but also helps, both, the donor and the recipient to live a longer and more productive life. The community came together to participate with great enthusiasm and deepened social awareness in all.

  • Teacher’s Day Celebrations at DAVIM
  • Merrymaking on various occasions is the soul of DAV Institute of Management. At DAVIM, all believe in living a contented life that comprises of celebrations of all kinds and building cordial relations with all. Thus, continuing the spirit of Teacher’s Day, DAVIM celebrated “Talent Fiesta” on 10th September 2016 for the teachers, where all came forward to shed their inhibitions and rock the stage. The vivacious teachers participated wholeheartedly in all the categories of competition, like, Solo Song, Solo Dance, Group Dance and Group Song. Myriad fun loving games were organized for the teachers to let them unleash for a day and get back to being children and exhibit great sportsmanship. The Head of the Institute Dr. Neelam Gulati congratulated the organizing committee for giving such a fantastic platform to the talented teachers to showcase their talent. She also shared her experience of so many years of, being a teacher, with her colleagues and staff and encouraged all to go beyond the classroom to leave a lasting impact on their students

  • Diwali Mela Organised at DAVIM
  • Diwali is the time to indulge in gratitude and sharing- festival of lights, joy and prosperity So, at DAVIM, a Diwali Mela was organized, on 22nd October 2016 to enlighten the spirit of Diwali and the effervescent students had put up various stalls, like, decorative candles and diyas, exuberant Diwali lighting, colorful Rangoli, mouth watering food stalls, creative T-shirt painting, Tambola game, other decorative items and last but not the least the major attraction of the lucky draw. The proceeds from the collection were donated to Roshni- an NGO for under-privileged children. Ms Seema Trikha, MLA, Badkhal , inaugurated the fair and appreciated the students for putting up the attractive stalls and their involvement, in making this Diwali –a gifted diwali for the Roshni students. The Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati also encouraged the students and hoped that every year the students of DAVIM, would come up with such virtuous task and help the needy.

  • Distribution of Goodies for Roshni Students
  • The best service to God is social service and the one indulging in it ,wholeheartedly ,will always find himself nearer to God. Hence, following the tradition of DAV, “Serving People”, the Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati, distributed sweets amongst the children of Roshni –NGO headed by Dr. Savita Bhagat, on 3RD December 2016 .The smile and gratitude on the faces of the children made her day and she wished that everyone from the society should come forward and do their bit in making lives simpler and happier for these children.

  • Gaiety Celebrations
  • One can get happiness by spreading it. And following the legacy of Anglo Dayanand Vedic Culure, the faculty of DAVIM always brings cheerful smiles to the faces of the little angels at Roshni foundation- an NGO headed by Dr. Savita Bhagat, by birthday celebrations. So this year Ms. Vandana Jain, Professional courses department celebrated her daughter’s birthday by distributing sweets and gifts to Roshni foundation school children on 27th August 2016. The Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati, also participated in this social cause by giving cash donation for children.

  • Christmas Celebrations at Khushi- An NGO
  • The core values of Christmas are sharing, spreading love and manifesting care for all. And at DAVIM, we believe in doing the same and never leave an opportunity to come forward to do our bit in lighting up someone’s life. This Christmas too DAVIM lighted up he lives of the senior citizens and children by of Khushi-Ek Ahsaas, an NGO run for the old and deaf and dumb children. To mark the spirit of Christmas lunch, sweets were distributed to all. The old were given woolen socks and stationary items were distributed amongst the children .The old blessed the faculty of DAVIM for making their day and the children enjoyed every moment of the joyous celebrations of Christmas. The Head of the Institute Dr. Neelam Gulati, applauded the efforts made by the staff and encouraged them to be more respectful and caring for such NGOs.

  • Merry Making at Roshni-An NGO
  • The festival of Christmas was celebrated with gaiety by the faculty of DAVIM, at Roshni-an NGO .The students sang carols and enjoyed the day with great enthusiasm and fervor. The staff reflected upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and his life. The students and the staff danced to the numbers like “We wish you a Merry Christmas.” The whole school echoed with the holy hymns recited by the students.

  • Holi Celebrations by DAVIM at Roshni-An NGO
  • It is a time to show affection. Dipped in hues of love and trust has come the festival of Holi. Thus, to keep the spirit of Holi alive DAVIM celebrated this festival of colours with Roshni-an NGO, for the under-privileged children, run by Dr. Savita Bhagat. The festivities started with prayers followed by distribution of sweets and thandai. There was also a small session of storytelling and poem to which everyone responded wonderfully After that the children were showed videos of Hiranykashap and Bhakt Prahlad to make them aware of the reason of holi celebration and all of them responded very well. The children played holi with natural colours and threw flowers at each other. Dr. Neelam Gulati shared her views that Holi is a festival that provides opportunity to leave all negativity in the Holika fire. This festival helps people to remove grudges and avoid further perpetuation of the cycle of anger. Everyone was proud to take the legacy of DAVIM ahead by giving the society the same warmth that they have got. Altogether it was a wonderful experience

  • Women’s Day and Green Initiative Awakening at DAVIM
  • Women’s Day and Awaken- a Green Inititaive to protect the environment was jointly organized by the Centre for Enviornment and BBA.(B.E.) department at DAVIM on 8th March 2017. The Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati is the Chief Patron of Centre for Enviornment . The organizing committee had arranged for a Presentation Competition, on Green Initiative and 30 teams participated in the same, where some participants were from the Institute and some from other different institutes, like, K.L.Mehta Dayanand College, I.M.T, Faridabad, Rawal Institute, Faridabad, DAV Centenary College and many more. The institute was adorned with the Rangoli Competition, organized by B.B.A. (C.A.M) department, with the theme- Bold and Courage. The Honorable Guest, Mr. Surender Punia, XEN, horticulture, MCF encouraged the students to grow more and more trees and be a “gardener” to be happy always. The guest of honor Ms. Jaya Goel, Chairperson of Women Entrepreneurship, “I Am Sme Of India” invited the girls and the faculty to join hands to do their bit for developing MSME and Dr. Anisha Sehpathi, motivated the students to follow their dreams and never say no to any work, as Learning is lifelong. The Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati, appreciated the efforts of the organizing committee and herself presented PPTs on some unbelievable stories of women who have beaten the impossible and have come out as warriors by proving the stereotypes wrong with their unfathomable power. And hence, she enlightened the minds of the girls to not be bound in any kind of stereotypes and come out with free minds and venture the world. The program culminated with the Prize Distribution Ceremony.

  • Lohri Celebrations at DAVIM
  • The main theme of Lohri is the belief that Lohri is the cultural celebration of the winter solstice. So, this merry making festival was celebrated with happiness to spread warmth and love to all, at DAVIM, on 13th January 2017 The students of Roshni-an NGO presented dance performances, speech on the reason behind celebrating Lohri, sang songs and manifested their love for the festival by enjoying the bonfire and dancing around it . They also participated in the Pooja ceremony The Head of the Institute Dr. Neelam Gulati, appreciated the students for putting up a nice show and distributed goodies of til, peanuts and jiggery.

  • Celebrations of Pious Lohri
  • The main theme of Lohri is the belief that Lohri is the cultural celebration of the winter solstice. On this festival people gather around the bonfire, throw sweets, puffed rice and popcorn into the flames, sing popular songs and exchange greetings. So, this merry making festival was celebrated with happiness to spread warmth and love to all, at DAVIM, on 13th January 2016 with the young students of Roshni, NGO, providing free education to children of downtrodden families. Head of the Institute, Dr. Neelam Gulati, along with her effervescent faculty members lighted the bonfire and enjoyed the Lohri celebrations with the students who were delighted to be a part of the pious celebrations. Thereafter, students sang songs, everybody greeted each other and the celebrations culminated on a happy note.

  • Earth Day Celebrations
  • “The Earth doesn’t belong to us, we belong to the Earth..”

    Earth Day is an annual international event, celebrated on April 22, to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth day was commemorated bachelor of Business Economics (BBE) department of DAVIM under the guidance of our Head Of the Institute Dr. Neelam Gulati, with great zest and enthusiasm. The chief guest of the program was Shri. Umish Srivastav, DGM, Indian Oil and the guest of honor was Kavi Dinesh Raghuvanshi. Other guests present there were Prof. Dr. S. K. Chakravarty and Prof Dr. Neeraj Singh. The program included Poem Recitation competition, Best Out of Waste and Poster Detailing. A talk show was also organized in which the students interacted with the guests and were inspired by the techniques told by them to curb Global Warming and Pollution. Towards the end, Dr. Neelam Gulati added numerous examples to prove that we humans are responsible for the heated up condition of the Earth and we should love nature, appreciate it and do our bit to help save our mother Earth for ourselves and the generations to come.

  • Seminar on Disaster Management
  • DAV Institute of Management, Faridabad organized a seminar for students on “Disaster Management” at Tarang Auditorium on 1st October 2015. The program started by welcome and tilak of Honorable guest Smt. Seema Trikha, MLA of Badhkal Vidhan Sabha and Mr. Neeraj Singh (HOD-Disaster Management, DAV College, Faridabad). Smt. Seema Trikha said that in Faridabad , Badkhal Lake was once a large lake where boating & other tourist activities took place. But now the lake is almost completely dried up to leave only grassy terrain. Certain mines surrounding the lake are also responsible for blocking the flow of water to the lake.
    A number of mineral water companies are also responsible for lessening of water level. She motivated the students and faculty of DAVIM to launch a demand on C.M. window for the revival of the Badkhal Lake. Dr. Neelam Gulati, spoke few words on the need to maintain the Environment and how to manage lives when any kind of disaster occurs. The function was organized by the team of DAVIM faculty namely Ms. Monika Khatri, Ms. Shobha Bhatia, Ms. Poonam Singh, Ms. Bhumika, Ms Kanika and Ms. Deepika Pahuja
    The students of DAVIM gave presentations on various topics which were judged by Mr. Neeraj Singh, Dr. Sunita Bishnoi, Dr. Anjali Ahuja, Dr. Ruchi Malhotra. The competition was won by students of UG course.

  • Gaiety Celebrations with Roshni(NGO)
  • One can get happiness by spreading it. And following the legacy of Anglo Dayanand Vedic Culture, the faculty of DAVIM brought smiles to the faces of the little angels at Roshni foundation by birthday celebrations.
    B.Sc(Hons) Computers Science Department celebrated their kids’ birthday by distributing sweets and gifts to Roshni foundation school children on 26th September 2015. The Head of the Institute, Mrs. Neelam Gulati, also did her bit, in this social cause by giving cash donation for children

  • Diwali Mela - Roshni(NGO)
  • Following the tradition of social service , DAV Institute of Management ,Faridabad , took the initiative for organizing the Diwali Mela on 8th Nov’2015 ,for under privileged students of ROSHNI(NGO) for making their their Diwali, a real joyous one. DAVIM gave the NGO, Roshni, a platform in which they had set up stalls of eatables and gift materials. The zealous students of DAVIM , took the initiative and coloured beautiful diyas and made traditional cards and whatever money they got after selling them was given to the children of NGO, Roshni. And, in this noble task, the Head of the Institute , Dr. Neelam Gulati, gave her full support and appreciated the efforts of the students in lightning up the Diwali of the children of Roshni.
    In an attempt to make learning fun, DAV Institute of Management had organized “Diwali Funfair’’ stall in the premises itself. The theme of the stall was to enhance the coordination of hand and mind with the help of games. As we all know that Games can improve reflexes for situations where you need to act fast. One minute games were organized for students and it was named “Bazi ek minute ki”. The students participated in full zeal and with great enthusiasm. It was coordinated by the MBA students. This activity was organized to promote learning through fun-based activities and make students confident in self-learning.MBA students even participated in food stall. Good number of footfall made the fair a grand success

  • Road Safety Program by Marg Darshan (NGO)
  • A special session on Road Safety was organized at DAVIM in association with NGO- Margdharshan. The programme commenced with the lighting of the holy lamp by Dr. Anisha Sahapathi, CA Tarun Gupta and faculty members. The session was initiated by Mr. Tarun Gupta. He gave a small presentation on road accidents. He said that most accidents are caused due to one's own negligence. He emphasized that it is must for everybody to abide by traffic rules to avoid accidents. He also shared some of his real life experiences and consequences of negligence while driving. The session ended with all participants taking an oath that all should follow the traffic rules while driving and also encourage others to follow the same. BBA students delivered the vote of thanks and gifted potted plants to the guests continuing with the tradition of the Institute.

  • Renewable Energy Mela
  • DAVIM Centre for Environment in association with Redeem-Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. organized a Renewable Energy Mela on 18th February 2015. The company representative showed a Live Demo of solar power equipments. Mr. Kinshuk Chouksey (Redeem) an MBA in Energy Management from Great Lakes Institute of Management demonstrated the working of a solar power plant and batteries running with the help of solar energy. This effort was an initiative to create awareness among the budding professionals about the use of renewable sources of energy and protect our deteriorating environment. This event was well appreciated by the faculty and staff. They showed great interest in the gadgets running on solar energy.

  • Lohri Celebration with Roshni School(NGO)
  • DAVIM celebrated the Lohri festival on 13th January 2015 with the children of the Roshni School (a school for unprivileged students). The program was arranged and coordinated by Ms. Pooja Sachdev, Ms. Vandana, Ms. Ritu Gautam and Ms. Poonam Singh. The program started with distribution of drawing books and colors followed by drawing competition for (Roshni Junior Wing) and essay competition for (Roshni Senior wing). It ended with recitation of poems, singing and dance activities. Three winners were declared for each of the competitions. All the participants were appreciated with a small token given by DAVIM faculty. The program was successfully concluded with bonfire activity in which all faculty members of DAVIM joined hands and wished for best to come in the lives of these Roshni School Children.

  • “Joy of Giving”- Prize Distribution Function at Roshni School (NGO)
  • DAVIM faculty members along with their children once again visited the Roshni School and celebrated “Joy of Giving”. They distributed stationery and sports kits to encourage the students. The DAVIM faculty - Dr. Neelam Gulati, Ms. Pooja Kaul, Dr. Anamika Bhargava, Ms. Pooja Sachdev, Ms. Ritu Gautam, Ms. Poonam Singh, Dr. Nidhi Turan , Ms. Neha Sharma , Ms. Nishu, Ms. Shobha Bhatia , Ms. Vandana Jain and Ms.Deepika Pahuja also honored the students who had bagged First, Second and Third position in their Annual Examinations . Ms. Pooja Sachdev also celebrated her son Pratyush's birthday with the students of the Roshni School by sharing eatables and gifts. Undoubtedly the DAVIM faculty and their kids seem to have found a special way of celebrating their birthdays.