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" Ordinary People Performing Extra Ordinary Feats "

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Cultural Club

We, at DAVIM believe that Extra – curricular activities play a crucial role in students’ personality development by helping the students to promote skills that they will carry with them for a lifetime. Being involved in extra – curricular activities allows the students to learn the importance of being dependable, responsible, and trustworthy and the importance of teamwork which are the most essential values for being human. Students get benefitted from such activities as they can easily cultivate their creativity, learning ability, expression and collaboration.
At DAVIM, Extracurricular activities are harmoniously blended with the academics, which help the students in time management and art of prioritizing. These formal and informal, tangible and intangible, professional and amateur, artistic and cultural activities constitute a community’s cultural assets. The institute provides a vibrant platform to the students to grow their talents in multiple fields like Literary, Fine Arts, Theatre, Music vocal and instrumental: both classical and contemporary. Further, the students are provided an opportunity to participate; showcase their talent in Inter College, Inter State and University level festivals. Students participate and show a lot of enthusiasm in the celebration of Republic Day and Independence Day, Teachers’ Day and Foundation Day of the institute.
Following are the members of Cultural/Extra Curricular Committee:

  • Dr. Parul Nagi
  • Dr. Rashmi Bhargava
  • Ms. Ritu Gautam
  • Dr. Shobha Bhatia
  • Ms. Kanika Duggal
  • Ms. Poonam Singh
  • Dr. Dhrity Gulati
  • Mr. Prince Ahuja

  • Arya Club
    To do good to the whole world is the main objective of the Arya Samaj, that is, to improve the physical, spiritual and social well-being of all mankind. Arya club promotes this philosophy. Members of Arya Club always get ready to participate whole heartedly in the activities for the societal well being. Performing Havan regularly is also the prime activity of this club.
    Following are the members of Arya Samaj Committee:

  • Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Principal/Director (President)
  • Dr. Archana Mittal, Faculty Member (Secretary)
  • Dr. Bhawna Sharma, Faculty Member (Treasurer)