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" Ordinary People Performing Extra Ordinary Feats "

Chairman, Board of Governor’s Message..

Padma Shri Dr. Punam Suri


Since the day of its inception, DAVIM has been making a significant contribution to the society through spreading value-based education keeping the balance between Vedic wisdom and modernity. Following the tradition of DAV organizations and not ignoring the need of the hour, the institute has been working towards introducing technology in teaching-learning process, creating a network of people through Alumni Foundation, maintaining close connection with our society, at home and around the globe – a connection that enriches our learning, teaching and research.
While DAVIM feels pride in its achievements, it is yet not contented. Its vision is to be known as global professional center for Management and IT education along with the pursuit of excellence. The success in this endeavor has the potential of moral uprightness and making our society free from prejudices and vices.
In the hope of changing the world for the better, Let Us Continue the Journey………

I have faith that with the efforts of its Principal Director Mr. Sanjeev Sharma and faculty members, this institute will attain position of the leader in management education and find its place in the map of selected best industry of the country.

I wish the institute all success in its endeavor.