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Principal Director's Message

Dr. Satish Ahuja

Principal Director

Dear Aspirant

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”
                          ---------------------- Albert Einstein

In this epoch of joint venture, mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances and unpredictable scenario, the necessity of the hour is LEADERS with universal perspective. A prerequisite of leadership today is to gaze beyond the present, to be a go-getter in corporate world or to be a stimulant of transformation in society. We are all caught up in the throes of change. The corporate world mirrors this upheaval like nothing else. It has become extremely important to balance stability with flexibility. For fostering stability one needs vision. For ensuring flexibility one needs innovation. And through this all, it is imperative to escape mediocrity. These are the pressures of the world we live in.

Ever since inception, DAVIM has focused on developing leaders. “This is a business school where mission matters.” What has changed over the past year, we have implemented hybrid learning- new integrated course curriculum, is the clarity with which we have developed our mission.At DAVIM we tend to do the overall transformational development of students from a graduate to a well evolved professional with a strong professional base and belief in work ethics.

I firmly believe that the key elements of successful education are nurturing young minds to think out of the box and provide a holistic environment to develop their overall personalities. Education does not mean studying in the classroom but spreading your wings and go beyond the classroom…and helps you to preparing for the future.

By joining, DAV Institute of Management, Faridabad, you will become part of a dynamic and innovative academic environment. The institute is engaged in continuously improving its learning and teaching facilities, including the use of latest technology. It aims to generate a culture of participative, intimate and personalized student teacher relationship and working.

This perseverance and dedication has instilled in me the confidence that the resilient spirit of each and every being associated with the institution will make DAVIM tread ahead with grit and determination and emerge as harbingers of a new dawn in educational fraternity.

We look forward to meet you. Best wishes!

Dr. Satish Ahuja
Principal Director